Style within the repeated pregnancy certainly one of adolescents regarding the Philippines of 1993 to 2013

Style within the repeated pregnancy certainly one of adolescents regarding the Philippines of 1993 to 2013


This new the total amount from constant maternity (RP) and you will constant beginning (RB) among teens aged 15–19 continues to be unknown regarding Philippines in spite of the health insurance and socio-economic consequences. This research is designed to read the the RP and you will RB incidence styles from the Philippines away from 1993 so you’re able to 2013.


A total of 7091 women aged 15–24 just who knowledgeable a minumum of one maternity was seized from the Philippine group fitness studies of 1993 to 2013. Annual RP and you will RB incidence for each and every age bracket from inside the about three and you will four groups was in fact computed and you may stratified by the region, sort of residence and you can money directory. Cochran–Armitage examination and you may multivariate logistic regression was indeed put on determine development quotes.


Versus female aged 19–21 many years and 22–24 ages, which decreasing models were receive, RP ([Modified Odds proportion (AOR =0.96; 95%Trust interval (CI) =0.82–step one.11) and you can RB (AOR = 0.90; CI = 0.73–step 1.10) style certainly 15–18 season olds displayed minimal prevention over the two decades. Away from set up a baseline prevalence off % for the 1993, new frequency out of RP certainly one of adolescents got merely smaller in order to % by the 2013. More over, the brand new prevalence of RB presented a minimal . No matter if RP and you can RB incidence was indeed fundamentally discovered a whole lot more increased inside the poorer communities, zero differences in style were indexed all over wide range quintiles.


For 2 many years, brand new Philippines has revealed a stable and you will considerably high RP prevalence. Subsequent studies, not just in this new Philippines and various other developing countries, is necessary to allow development of supplementary prevention software.

Plain English conclusion

Even after higher and you will steady degrees of adolescent virility from the Philippines, no particular research has come conducted in order to particularly gauge the trend and you may magnitude of frequent adolescent pregnancy, that’s identified as a teen having got at the least several pregnancies. Repeated maternity, thus should be examined as it shows not merely the fresh reproductive wellness regarding teenage moms and dads plus disparities in-service beginning regarding wellness, education and you can passion support to help you teenagers immediately after the basic pregnancy.

I used the Philippine Group and you may Wellness Surveys to help you decide to try 7091 women aged 15–24 just who educated one or more maternity. Yearly RP and you may RB prevalence for every single generation inside the three and five classes were calculated and you may stratified because of the region, types of quarters and you can wide range quintile. Manner had been mathematically analysed playing with Cochran–Armitage tests and you will multivariate logistic regression.

When you are a decline are observed in 19–21 and you can twenty-two–24 season olds, i receive a reliable incidence of one in almost any five from inside the 15–18 yrs old from 1993 to help you 2013. That it trend is evident across the all places, sort of home and you may socio-financial reputation. Our study including discovered that people on the poorest wealth quintile exhibited an increased likelihood of constant maternity bulmak as compared to almost every other quintiles. The fresh new low-ong teens expressed the necessity for second cures apps especially for the brand new poorest houses. Epidemiological research are had a need to explore the causes and you will impression out-of repeated pregnancy to your maternal, youngster and neonatal health, not just in the fresh Philippines, also certainly one of most other reduced- and you can center-earnings nations.


This new adolescent maternity crisis on Philippines has been known as one of many bad on West Pacific Region which have a great latest frequency out of thirteen.6% certainly one of 15–19 year olds. The Philippines is the just country here without extreme decrease in teenage fertility in the past ages regarding 56 for every 1000 within the 1973 to 57 for every 1000 inside the 2013 [2, 3]. So you’re able to target so it established societal health issue, precautionary principles and you will applications were then followed [cuatro, 5], and you can epidemiological studies have come built to offer proof of new latest sexual health and behaviour from Filipino teenagers . Although not, these strategies has actually put nothing increased exposure of more serious problem from regular adolescent pregnancies.

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